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Sometimes things don't go as planned. Your day feels off beat, your week falls apart, or your whole month is chaos. Last week was one of those weeks for me. Spokane received almost 19 inches of snow over a couple days. My back still aches from all of the shoveling. My car got stuck, my video project wasn't turning out the way I hoped, and my shipments kept getting delayed.

I ordered dresses for a new conceptual image I was planning to create. With a delivery scheduled for Wednesday, I set aside time for a photo shoot for Thursday. Wednesday comes... no dresses. I reschedule my shoot for Friday. Thursday comes and goes and still no dresses. So I push my shoot a little further into the day on Friday and wait until the very last possible second. No luck. With a deadline to meet, I had to scratch my original plan and think of a backup.

Feeling tightly wound and stressed I came up with the idea of "Unravel". The idea behind this image is to unwind, let go, and start fresh. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, free yourself from the things bringing you down in life.

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