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On the Monroe Street Bridge

Shooting from the Monroe Street Bridge with local photographer Mike Busby

Last night I had the privilege of going on a photo adventure with local fellow photographer Mike Busby. We met at Spokane's iconic Monroe Street Bridge during the beautiful blue hour. I don't get the chance to shoot for fun with other photographers very often, so this was a treat.

One of the great things about taking photos with other photographers is to see the area through another set of eyes. No two photographers will capture the exact same image, so its interesting to see the differences between our images of the same location.

When we first walked onto the bridge the obvious first choice was to photograph the historic Washington Water Power building to the East.

It wasn't long after this image that I started to notice the other photo opportunities from the same spot. Next time you're out taking pictures, try staying in one spot and taking photos in different directions. I'm always amazed at the completely different images I get when I do this. After taking images from the direction above, I turned to the left and took this next photo:

This image could almost be a completely different city, but it's taken from the exact same place. I then turned to the left again and capture this image:

Where are some of your favorite places to take pictures? And have you tried taking photos from different directions at that place? Leave your comments below!

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